Saturday, December 16, 2006

Future Improvements

I did a short demo of openIGOR at the annual SACS/COC meeting in Orlando to good reception. I shipped out two copies of the virtual machine this week. During the conference I had opportunity to think about opportunities to enhance the software. Here's a short list of possibilities:

  • Ability to attach budget items to objectives. I had actually built this for our system, but we haven't implemented it yet. I was afraid that it would be biting off too much at once. But I got the clear sense from an IE roundable discussion that it would be a very good thing. Cutting edge, too. I imagine that you could then pull reports by area on budgets as they relate to goals and objectives.
  • Ability to annotate faculty data with qualifications. Since SACS requires certain standards for teaching in a discipline, it would be a nice addition to have this record-keeping internal to the database.
  • Ability to pull out strategic plan items as one report. As it is, there is no way to do this without creating your own database query. Actually, it would be nice to have three options: SACS goals, Strategic Plan goals, and ALL goals, as three different reporting options.
I welcome comments on any of the above.


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